The Dirt and Sin Store

I got pix from peeps! Heh.

Here is Jordan L. Hawk ROCKING the Sinner’s Gin World T-Shirt in Black. Heh. Notice how clean her house is. I’m not letting her anywhere near mine.


Tiff Tran, whom I ADORE, shows off the cup, messenger bag and mousepad for Dirty Kiss. I’m glad she did this because she shows how the messenger bag looks inside!



Tiff Says: The inside is 19 inches in length. There is a zipper inside and one right under the front flap. The two side pockets are closed with magnetic buttons like the two on the front flap. There is a strap on the inside with a hook to secure your keys or whatever you don’t want dropping out.


Link to the store is here: Rhys Ford’s Dirt and Sin Shop.

Also,  we’re still missing those winners! If they don’t get back to me by tomorrow evening, I’ve gotta pull three more names!

6 thoughts on “The Dirt and Sin Store

  1. My stuff arrived so FAST last week 🙂 I LOVE my shirts and I have been drinking my lovely and ungodly expensive Teavana Tea from my Sinner’s Series mug. I’m totally loving this store 😀

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