Merchandise Designs and Contests

Ah, T-Shirts. The BANE of my existence. Had to change up the old Dirty Kiss design because well… dudes, the main element was too expensive to purchase for en masse production but I also kinda wanted to switch up the feel of it. So I found another “girl” base and went to work on her so she fit the original colours and well, the look I wanted to achieve.

So… Here are the designs for the Dirty Kiss Gentlemens’ Club and the Sinner’s Gin World Tour Shirts. The SG shirts will vary a little bit between the dark and light shirts but not much. Black lettering on black does not show up well. *grins*

So once again, final designs. These will be on shirts and mugs. And a couple of them are on messenger bags. If there’s a desire to add a product, let me know. I’ll be posting the shop’s link in a bit.

As for the contest! Wow, nice response from all of you. If you win and have already preordered W&W, I’m sure we can come to an understanding or something. Perhaps a read of Fish and Ghosts? *grins*

There will be some major cities on the Tour but I’m going to wait until after the contest is over before I select the rest in case of a double up. So please, no worries. We’ll hit all the large land masses 😀


SG Logo_skull

SG Logo_skull_black Dragon_Skull1_black



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