Tonight’s dinner: Vinha D’alhos Chicken

This is a Portuguese dish made with pork, chicken or other “white meat”…even a firm white fish. Made with wine, vinegar, chili peppers, sugar and a few cloves. Thicken with cornstarch.

Normally I make this with a packet but tonight I was lazy and just threw it together out of what I had. Okay, I know that sounds strange but really, sometimes lazy means toss everything in, let it simmer then taste to see what needs adding. I also add shoyu to it…and serve over rice.

Comfort food for the family. Nom nom nom

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s dinner: Vinha D’alhos Chicken

    1. You need to toss a couple of whole cloves into the simmer to make this dish. It sounds a bit insane but it adds a depth to the flavour 😀

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