So… Unemployed Again But It’s Ok :D

Walked in today to find that the two month contract was being ended because they were hiring someone else. It was an odd situation. Apparently though I did stellar work and have glowing recommendations. Really odd. I’m not sure how to even process now but honestly, I’ve got Dirty Deeds to write and company coming next week so… heh! PANDA!

I will not miss the commute. Dear God it took me over an hour each way to go 12 miles. It’s not the distance, its the traffic. Bad city planning on that route.

My mother was very sweet. Her response was: Fuck them.

She can’t swear very well… well right. She sounds cute saying it. It’s rare she swears…not like me. Her tongue needs practice with the word 😀

15 thoughts on “So… Unemployed Again But It’s Ok :D

  1. Boo! I had that happened on a summer temp job in college; they decided to hire somebody’s daughter or niece two weeks after I got there. It was really weird and awkward. 🙁 So I’m with your mom on this one.

  2. starnite

    Your former employers are gutless wonders and towers of jello. In other words pretty typical of any workplace that has administrative structures in place. Your job probably got taken through ‘ job politics’. You were right to cut ties on the spot. ‘Good riddance to bad rubbish’. Just make sure all paperwork is in order and you got all that is owed to you. Although you probaby know all that. ( I speak from. working for a very political school district for thirty years.)
    I say it was probably meant to be (although not that rudely, karma will evenually come around to bite them in the ass) a better job oppurtunity will come on your path.

  3. Booooo! Well I hope this next interview goes well. Also I hope your commute doesn’t suck as bad. My commute is a little over 3 hours a day but at least I’m covering 110 miles round trip 🙂

  4. Well, merde. You write of it so gracefully and with such dignity, but having seen the characters that bounce around inside of your head, I have NO doubt that your internal thoughts tended…elsewhere. Any job situation that drives one’s mother to profanity…well…it must have been an intense drive home on that long commute with nothing but NPR between you and your brain.

    HOWEVER…there is a silver lining. Now, your Dirty Deeds must be done…dirt cheap! Yeah! From a writer’s perspective, think of the authenticity!! The book will drip with impassioned, passionate, passion-filled…passion! Yeah….

    Okay….that was a bit over the top…but it was sincere…like, Charlie Brown sincere.
    I’m really sorry you lost your job. I hope you didn’t like it TOO much. I hope you have a big brother who can punch someone in the nose or at least leave a dirty note on your boss’ car. With a spray can.

    Best wishes in your job search. If you are stellar and glowing, someone is going to pick you out of the crowd soon.

    1. Heh. It was a contract that kinda ended way before it was supposed to so that was a surprise. I think that’s what was more shocking. It was… what?

      Sighs. But It’ll be okay. 😀 It has to be.

      And ah, I’m hoping Dirty Deeds can be done with some grace and maybe less gunfire 😀

  5. Did that commute one summer for a job… sucks!!! BTW TO traffic is much worse than LA – I’ve done both.

    But now that you aren’t “gleefully” employed… more stories 🙂 Just saying…..

    Good luck with the job hunt and interviews. I have been spoilt (and at times very bored) being a SAHM all these years and truly wonder if I could handle the crap any longer.

    1. Interviews so far are being given. So that’s good. And writing is going on. 😀 So wooooot! We’ll see how it goes 😀

      God I hate losing so much of my life to sitting in traffic.

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