Old Man Dog

Old man dog Jax asleep on my foot after a romp outside. We don’t know how old he is. He’s a rescue that came to us with buck shot through his body and rocks and wood in his teeth he’d eaten to survive. A couple of months later, a kidney failed… spectacularly and he now only has one kidney. He’s gone blind and never really was that bright but he is a love. He sleeps on my feet and against my leg at night now to reassure himself that I am near.

I’m okay with that. He used to be terrified of loud noises…thunderstorms and fireworks. Probably because he’d been shot. I know that feeling. Over the years and some cuddles, that’s dissipated. He’s probably also partially deaf and / or no longer cares.

But he’s happy and healthy and likes to sleep and eat. He gets his cookie at night before bed and puts up with the cat beating his head when he walks by.

So… a good life. It’s been nearly 12 years since he’s joined the household. He might be 16 or 17 right now. We really don’t know. The vet couldn’t tell by his teeth because of the damage done but that was the guess.

But he’s still good for a romp and does a happy dance after he’s peed. He’s a simple dog. A dog’s dog. ๐Ÿ˜€ Really, can you ask for anything more from life?

8 thoughts on “Old Man Dog

  1. Patricia

    Yes, old limping Smokey, our Rescue Dog. Also brought up by us with care and love, to get over abuse she bore.

  2. starnite

    He is a cutie. If he is about that old he is doing really good. He knows he’s been given a gift; as his body slowly gives out he has someone who will love and care for him to the end unconditionally.

    I had a rescue dog for twelve yrs. He came to us when he was about three yrs.; vet said he might have been bred to fight. Was a very athletic, sporty type dog but he came to us with a healed broken leg and an occasional seizure. He was the best companion I ever had or will have.

    1. He’s doing well… all things considered. He has stairs to get up onto my bed with… something he relishes. He could definitely leave me more room at the foot end of the bed but hey, can’t have everything ๐Ÿ˜€

      He’s a good boy. Kinda dim but hey, really a good dog.

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