Love from Sid Love and News…

I have to give a huge shout out to Sid Love and everyone for voting Sinner’s Gin the book of the month at Sid Love’s Blog.

Honestly, I am touched that you all love Miki and Kane and really, Sid’s got a great place going over there. Please stop by and vote for the next month’s book. I had a hard time choosing. TOO many damned good choices.

Also wanna say a huge thank you to Heather at Sid’s for the lovely first kudos for Black Dog Blues. To everyone who picked up the book, God…thank you. Really. Kai’s a special project of mine. I just wanted him to stand out there and say… fuck it, I’m here. And you all have embraced him in that. So thank you. *grins*

I just turned in the final(ish) edits for Whiskey and Wry. God I am running Grace at Dreamspinner ragged. I owe her like a bottle of tequila and some chocolate. She’s made of grit, I tell you… grit!

Fish and Ghosts has left my desktop and has entered the hopeful queue at Dreamspinner Press. Please wish Tristan and Wolf their best as they make their journey.

I have one chapter left on the steampunk short… *coffs twelve thousand limit coffs* and then on to Dirty Deeds.

On the cat front, Tam is doing well with his diabetes and comes out to me for his shots in the morning. He is more skeptical of my sister when she has the needle but I think that’s just because he’s an asshole.

What? The cat’s an asshole. He taunts.

I also have a huge head cold and it’s kicking my ass. I spent a goodly portion of my brain power this evening pontificating about why a particular shrimp dumpling should be called har gow and not something else. And then I realized, no one but me cares. But damn it, it’s what I call them. *sniffs* My half-ass Cantonese bastard language stealing.

What are you all up to? I’m heading to bed. Long ass day. Long ass week and I’ve got a few more to go there. See you on the flip side of the waffle.



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