What are you all up to? I’m mid slog during steampunk writing for a short and editing Whiskey and Wry… sooooooon sooooo soooon. Fish and Ghosts is in editing and um…. Oh Yeah, Black Dog Blues is getting its final pass. And damn I need some coffee.

So tell me, what have you all been doing?

A morning pick you up 😀

12 thoughts on “Morning

  1. Angel

    He can pick me up any day of the week…

    Buying shoes online works better than coffee at perking a person up in the morning. Give it a try:D

  2. treasure

    Here reaches for coffee pot. It’s fresh. I’m having a k-pop day I have Kim Jae Joong ,Kim hyun Joong and Lee min ho on rotation

  3. B. Snow

    How do you get all that done and still go to the day job??!!??

    I’m traveling, coordinating entries for our local RWA chapter’s writing conference, and not getting any writing done at all. 🙁

  4. Patricia

    Thank you….for the Pick-me-up that eases the mind and settles the nerves. He’s the perfect inspiration for a much-needed re write.

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