Warning. DO. NOT. CLICK.

Okay, every once in a while in my travels through space, time and web, I come across things that make me go…. hhhmmmmm.

Now, I probably am broken. Most things don’t phase me much. I have a curious huh… wonder how… wonder what response to these things.

That being said, they fascinate me.

So here is a collection of some of these things.

They are odd…icky…terrifying and some just pain What The Fuck.

Enter at your own risk. I will place them under a cut so you have a choice. *grins* I however am going back in. Wish me luck.


This is actually bread. In the shape of zombie heads.

That’s my WTF for the moment. So here’s a lovely spider.

14 thoughts on “Warning. DO. NOT. CLICK.

  1. Cockroaches…I think I saw that couple in the parking lot of Zippy’s, the breads totally cool-Halloween ideas, & that freakin’ spider *shudder* reminds me of the cane ones in Hawaii!!

    Keep em’ coming Rhys!!! LOL!! πŸ˜€

  2. Well, the zombie bread easy to do without. Large bug, appearing drunk on its ass. If you fuck with fairly large spider, you may get bit. The can of jaw that i’ve seen a couple times on fb this week, far worse.

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