Hmmmm Superman….

I’ve never been a big Superman fan. Okay I watched Lois and Clark because you know… DEAN FUCKING CAIN but the hero himself… meh.

Too clean. Too righteous. I like my heroes a bit… grungy.

But hey, this Superman looks pretty decent. 😀

10 thoughts on “Hmmmm Superman….

  1. Oh my god. Yes. Dean Fucking Cain. I lost two years of my life to that show before it went off the rails and got stupid. Teri Hatcher’s Lois Lane was THE Lois for me…the bulldog in high heels that just tripped sweet DeanClark KentCain’s levers…those “darjeeling tea in the sunlight” eyes with a drop of something exotic watching her trip about the news room. Secretly finding her sturm und drang hilarious. There is nothing sexier than a man who secretly finds you amusing when you scare the shit out of most guys. Five hundred pages, single spaced, of fan fic back when fan fic was an embarrassing little secret. I deflowered that boy in less than 100 pages at least five times.

    God, I’m old.

      1. No! I kind of lost heart when he disappeared in to Ripley’s What the Fuck Am I Doing? But I will go look this one up pronto. Well worth it?

      1. “Cole is the narcissist, who treats men like playthings to throw away, never having been thrown away himself until he hooks-up with movie star Kip Rogers.”

        That sounds like a whole book right there.

        I’m in. These are the kinds of things holiday long weekends were made for.

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