Lunch Today.

I stole The Angry Rat from her college apartment/dorm today for fooding and coffee. And some photoshop discussions. She choose Chinese. We went to Golden City. Ate. Much. Then took her to bakery so she could stock up on goodies. Day was great. Sooooo nice.

Susu (Anthony) was working and we made semi-plans for lunch some time. Our skeds never match up. We both work too many jobs. *laughs* We basically see each other when he’s covering for his aunt’s restaurant and we go eat. 😀

Food today is Crispy Noodle, Chicken with Black Bean Sauce, Orange Beef, Spicy Green Beans








6 thoughts on “Lunch Today.

  1. Sadonna

    That food looks so good. I had a really nice salad today and a handful of cashews. But it’s 8:50 p.m. so it looks like a few celery sticks and whole lot of water for me now 🙁

  2. Patricia

    Golden City: Exotic and fun to this diner who just ate a barrel of Mom’s Home-Made Mac and Cheese. Hello to Anthony.

    1. Oh we have a Korean bakery that I take peeps to. I like it ’cause things aren’t sweet sweet. I gave her a basket and told her just load it up. I’ll pay. 😀

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