What’s On Rhys Ford’s Timeline?

So fricking weird putting it in third person but it goes out to twitter and such so… yeah….

Okay, I did this in a comment then thought I should put it here so you all can see what’s coming up. Okay… really it’s so I could remember. *laughs*

Timeline for WRITING. Published Dates are a different matter.
Fish and Ghosts (almost done)
Steampunk 12K story for Anthology (Mid May write)
Dirty Deeds (Cole and Jae) (End of May write)
Tequila Mockingbird (Sinners Series) (July or Aug)
Down and Dirty (Bobby and Ichi) (November)
Last Book of Sinners Series

Hidden in there will be maybe more of the Fish and Ghosts stories. Depending on how they do. Oh and Miki and Kane’s novella.

21 thoughts on “What’s On Rhys Ford’s Timeline?

  1. Huh….im confused, you said the last book to sinners gin will be out in November? Whyyyy? You just introduced us to this wonderful awesomeness of a series, you can’t just quit on a series that fast im gonna have withdraw. I like Cole and Jae but i looovee Kane and Miki!!!! Im sad:(

      1. Ohh ok….my ADD is kicking in really bad today…..i read your email and just started panicking!!! But him happy now:)

    1. And these are projected writing times. Nothing’s engraved in stone… it’s what I have on deck. *laughs* There are four books in the Sinners Series…. *grins*

  2. When I finally crawled downstairs yesterday at 3:00 I thought, “Damn, I missed Rhys’ live cast. Last night at 9:00 I realized that you’re three hours behind us time wise here in Michigan. :/ Obviously, since I’m so time-challenged, I’ll be thrilled with any publishing date you choose…as long as someone reminds me.

      1. I don’t care what you name your books as long as you keep on writing …..don’t ever stop! 🙂

  3. Patricia

    Looking forward to ALL this! Kane and Miki worth a second read, so I’m still reading. Missed things the first time around. You have such detail, such layers.

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