Today’s Lunch: Jjajangmyeon and ddeokbokki

Stopped at H-Mart for grocery stuff I can’t get at Vons… namely you know… Asian food things. They have a lunch counter there and well…. I was craving Jjajangmyeon for days so… there you have it. That’s for lunch.

Jjajangmyeon is a black-bean sauced noodle. It’s in the bowl. This one has veggies and pork in it. Everyone makes it differently. The ddeokbokki is fish cake, rice cake dumplings, egg and veggies. There’s some pickled daikon shreds to the side too. and


2 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch: Jjajangmyeon and ddeokbokki

  1. Patricia

    Sounds good. Exotic and a little scary.You are firing up my desire for lunch at my local Korean restaurant, it’s been months.

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