In Other News… A Shot of Whiskey News…

The cover for Whiskey and Wry has been submitted for approval. Once that passes all of its rigours, I’ll be posting it.

Today’s kinda crazy. I’ll be Rock Banding tonight but right now, I’m kinda hungry. Might be a devilled ham sammich kind of day. The dog however is all for a butt scritch. Because you know, if it’s not a cat demanding attention, it’s a cairn terrorist.

Off to try to hack at this chapter and then a nap.

Whatcha all doing this fine Saturday?

Oh.. let me leave these here. Zoom enabled.


10 thoughts on “In Other News… A Shot of Whiskey News…

  1. Treasure

    ooooooI like this bit of research. tiptoes out before any one wakes

    Are you performing or in the audience tonight?

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