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It probably comes as no surprise to all of you that I skim through news feeds and list feeds. Most notably, Buzzfeed, Imgur, Mental Floss, Top Ten and Reddit. I read the regular news as well, CNN and MSNBC as well as anything else that pops up that looks interesting. While this sometimes leads me to some strange places, I always find it intriguing and sometimes even useful when I’m writing something down.

I also have a fascination with mysteries. Yeah I know, look surprised. Go on. I’ll wait. I need a sip of coffee anyway.

Today on Listverse there’s an article about 10 Mysterious Disappearances of Multiple People. Link is here. http://listverse.com/2013/04/13/10-mysterious-disappearances-of-multiple-people/

Now this particular article isn’t one of the more fascinating ones on the site but it’s interesting. I usually stray towards the unexplained and historical mysteries because there is always that ponder… what is out there that we don’t understand?

Kind of a hell of a lot.

Including why this cat keeps licking my elbow.

Top Ten has some interesting stuff too. For instance, the Top 10 First Women. It’s a sound bite of history and myth. I learn things in small doses and it gives me the avenue to go exploring more. Some of these things I burrow away to use later or in case I need to answer a question on Jeopardy.

By the way the birds and the bees were created on a Tuesday.

Okay, first women. Link is here: http://www.toptenz.net/top-10-first-women-in-the-human-legacy.php

I liked how there was supposition that Lif was in fact Eve, thus tying in Christianity to Norse myths. You gotta give those guys props for knowing how to market.

Some of the stuff I find isn’t useful for me but still… I’m amazed at how ingenious people are. For instance: 35 Little Hacks for better parenting. http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/36-little-hacks-that-will-make-parenting-so-much-easier

I NEVER would have thought about temporary tattoos with the kids’ info on it but that makes so much sense. Imagine getting lost at Disneyland and Dad’s cell number is right on kid’s wrist! Huh.

Cat is now licking my arm.

So.. my question today is… what’s the most interesting thing you’ve come across on the interwebs. And notice how I haven’t talked about my fascination with murders and serial killers. Yeah, Crime Library and I are tight. *grins*

And I’m gonna leave you with Big Bang showing their parody of the popular Kdrama Coffee Prince. GDragon is playing the part of a girl who is a stunt person. S/he and her love interest end up swapping bodies. It’s a fun Kdrama. He does well as a girl.

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  1. Treasure

    I think temporary tattoos for kids is possible the best idea EVER! I’ve used them for non verbal kids and even verbal kids up into their teens. And yes, the internet and the data bases. Back in the day it was two months average to process a financial transaction. Longer if it was overseas, and then slowly the world of finance went from over night mail, to fax to virtually instant document transmission across the world. I have access to data basis like Lexus Nexus and Dun and Bradstreet with the click of a mouse. Not to mention porn and cyber stalking pretty rock stars.

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