Tonight’s Dinner: Mediterranean Patties and Beet Leaf Pasta

Tonight’s Dinner is one I’ve not made in a long time. In fact, my hanai “adopted” sister has never had beet greens or actual fresh beets. After I was done trying to work my brain around that… much like people who’ve never seen the ocean or eaten only Minute Rice… I have my HUH? moments… I grabbed some fresh beets and said, no worries. We shall fix this.

Then she said… why so much leafy stuff on top.

Ah, because leafy stuff is what you use as well. I’ll roast the beets probably on Sunday. Maybe tomorrow. I have turnips as well. So one or the other.

Tonight however, it is a shish kabob patty and beet leaf pasta.

The patties are basil, garlic, and other seasonings then browned. Pretty easy. The beet leaf pasta are wilted leaves, garlic, parmesan cheese in butter with salt and pepper then tossed in pasta with more parmesan and a queso fresca which I like better than feta because it doesn’t have that bitter sting.

I SHOULD have used a pale pasta but hell, I grabbed that box first and dumped it into the boiling water. Meh, no matter. *grins* So here you go.

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Mediterranean Patties and Beet Leaf Pasta

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Unusual mix of spices and flavors. I didn’t think much of beet tops before. Thanks for the ideas.

    1. It’s actually pretty standard for Italy and that area. *nods* The beet greens taste a bit like chard. Usually it’s served with a feta but I really wanted something lighter. The queso fresca was perfect. The pasta SHOULD have been a standard penne but hell, I had it open before I saw the pasta was veggie/red. D: Anything you use spinach, kale or chard in, you can use beet leaves. Just be sure to wash them carefully to take off any grit.

  2. Beets are my FAVORITE although I admit to not eating the greens. I usually buy them well ahead of time and the greens don’t stay good too long and honestly I detest swiss chard so I haven’t been too motivated to cook them right away 😉 I really could eat fresh roasted beets every single day. I especially love golden beets but they aren’t as easy to find.

    1. Beet greens are really more spinachy than chardish. *nods* I cook them first. Like that day. It’s very nice 😀 LOVE ROASTED BEETS 😀

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