Where do we go? *cues Guns and Roses*

Well kiddies. It’s been a long week. Lots of stress…mostly real world stuff that really should just resolve itself but it’s not. So over it looming over me. Wish me an immense amount of luck please. I need this bout to end. *nods*

That being out of the way, let’s talk writing.

Fish and Ghosts has reached the halfway mark. I’m rather liking it. Hoping to have it done in a couple of weeks actually which then brings us to…


To say I’m apprehensive is really kind of undermining the glass butterflies shattering themselves against my brain and stomach. When writing, you kinda pretty much do it in a void. Because of timing, I don’t have any real numbers on how my books have been doing over this past quarter. I’ll know more in a couple of weeks. I mean my backlist went from 1 book in 3Q12 to pretty much close to 5 in 1Q13 (if DSP accepts W&W by the end of the month). Sinner’s Gin was really only on the 4Q12 books for two weeks.

So how do you tell if your backlist is doing well while you’re waiting for numbers? You pretty much don’t. But! It definitely is the time to interact with people who want to discuss things like books or writing.

So… what would you all like to talk about? What seems to be the style of writing you find yourself gravatating to these days? Mind candy? Hard core thrillers? Love stories with parakeets? Share.

Or even better… what are you LONGING to write?

And now since I haven’t posted anything odd in a bit… Here’s a Gay Brazilian Twerking Crew. Okay maybe not odd but you know… different.


Don’t even ask how this got started. First it was towels. Then labrys. So… anyway… I post things on Facebook and I try to get them here too but sometimes, here gets stuff FB doesn’t… or it has to wait until that gets populated out.

So yeah, here’s some research. Back to writing.