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  1. Patricia Grayson

    my mom whose first language is not English, just asked me what DOMA is. I explained. She is for DOMA. I am not. And we amicably agreed to disagree.

    1. The hardest thing for people to remember is that we here in America need to be forward thinking in our view of human and humane rights. DOMA tramples on those rights. And I know it’s confusing and scary for some. Some of my relatives are wholly against gays marrying. I get that. But that’s not the world I’d want to hand my younger relatives. I want them to feel free…and safe… to love whom they want 😀 We all agree to disagree nicely too 😀

  2. starnite

    I have always loved donuts. Any flavor. Any kind. Any size. Glazed or chocolate.

    Yes for a number a reasons I can’t eat them often, but I would never be mad at anyone for eating them.

    Life is too short not to enjoy donuts. Or deny others their donuts. Or donut holes.

    Just think of all world problems. we could turn our energy to if we all enjoyed a donut of our choosing.

    1. Ah, I love donuts. Mostly malasadas. *nods* And yes, I’d hate someone who could eat them all the time but not seriously. Oh but I would mutter darkly at them. Yes I would.

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