Why Yes, Stewardess, I Speak Coffee

To say that I drink a lot of coffee is silly. I drink an enormous amount of coffee but to be fair, it’s usually decent brew. I come from a heavy coffee drinking family. In fact, usually when I’m visiting my mother, she’ll use me as an excuse to make another pot.

“If I make more will you drink some?” She will ask. Because you know, coffee!

A friend of mine is intimidated by the Starbucks menu. Seriously intimidated. And I know some people who sniff at the “unnecessary complications” they feel Starbucks…and other coffee houses… force upon their coffee choices. Sometimes to the point of having kind of this anti-elitist attitude about the brew saying things like…. I just want a cup of coffee or None of that fancy shit for me.

Thing is… it’s not that complicated. And it’s kind of how the world drinks coffee.

Starbucks and other coffee shops did not invent espresso drinks. They existed long before anyone put on a hipster douche apron and asked for your name to put on a cup.  I drink a medium to dark roast every day but it’s a regular coffee. However, I do like having espresso drinks if I’m running around. The flavour is different and the pull is more intense. But coffee is…and probably always will be… something I have to calm my brain and help me focus.

Because… you know… coffee.

I ran across this and said, Oh! I need to share this because it does demystify the espresso menu in most places. Not to say Starbucks etc. don’t crazy-up their drinks but this is the basics.

And yes, I do speak Starbuckian. My preference is a Triple Vanilla Soy Latte, No Foam.


17 thoughts on “Why Yes, Stewardess, I Speak Coffee

    1. Heh… just coffee is fine. espresso just is very strong tasting coffee that usually is something with less coffee punch to it 😀

  1. Mary G

    Love the post & will save the diagram. I’m Italian descent so grew up with having after dinner espresso. It tastes stronger but has less caffeine. I always wondered why it didn’t keep us up at night lol.

      1. Mary G

        Oh I forgot. We put a dash of anisette liqueur in it – black jelly bean flavor. Amazing together. Well, we use dashes. My stepdad has a dash of espresso with his liqueur lol.

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Oh the smell! Nothing like it, even the crappy “Homicide Squad Room” brew one often gets. It’s coffee. It’s life.
    On a recent trip, my friends and I found it useful to jolt ourselves awake with a dollop / splash of bourbon in our morning brew. (hotel room coffee)

  3. B. Snow

    The thing about Starbucks is, most people don’t seem to understand that you can get just a regular cup of coffee there. It doesn’t have to be espresso-based. I can’t even remember the last time I got something other than a house coffee there.

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