No book of mine is EVER going to be worth 37 dollars, much less 69 USD. What the hell are these people thinking? Really, these are prices for used copies of Sinner’s Gin. Used. I fear what they’ve been used for. God, I hope no one is actually ever contemplating purchasing these.



10 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. Denni

    Yupp, paid $16.99 plus state sales tax for mine…Amazon Prime, no shipping.

    There’s been alot of speculation about these high priced used books (some are $600 – $1,200). Amazon really needs to investigate before they get pulled into a lawsuit for enabling whatever shennanigans this represents.

    1. See, it goes to that free enterprise creed. You can charge whatever you want… doesn’t mean the buyer has to pay it. And I certainly would be the first to say…GOD NO DON’T PAY THAT! 😀 Heh..Amazon prime is great. 😀

  2. Patricia Grayson

    I’m puzzled too. Bought “Sinner’s Gin” for the Kindle and was very satisfied….thinking of buying your books in paper, now, as they would be nice to donate later, to a gay youth library/coffee house.

  3. Treasure

    Here’s my plan. I’m going to live long enough to be a problem for my nephew, so he’s going to need to be able to sell my book collection(s) at top dollar to keep me in the style I’m going to become accustomed to. So with that plan in mind this is a good start

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