Tossing My Cookies…

Okay, so not really cookies as much as throwing out 45,000 words because really, they weren’t good.

Or should I say, they were good enough but at some point, the dough gets overworked and the story doesn’t rise. This was the case of the last eight chapters of that damned WIP.

Keep in mind, something like this isn’t new. It’s happened before. If you had any idea how long it took to get Sinner’s Gin going, you’d have told me to take up knitting…something that’s NEVER going to happen. Just saying.

Characters need to gel. I don’t pretend to write great literature and I sure as hell don’t claim to be Donald Kingsbury (no really, go read Courtship Rite. Fucking brilliant book). I just want to write a story. And sometimes, the story I write sucks.

Sure, I can keep shoving at it but at a certain point in time, usually when I’m shoving a camel through a needle, I have to stop and take a look at what I’m doing and say… okay, this is shit and it’s not going to work.

All in all, it’s a pretty easy decision to make. Do I mourn the lost two weeks? A little bit but maybe I can suck in some of it back. Right now, I’m on laying down the bones again and trying to scrape off everything I’d assumed about the characters from the prior chapters. Because really, it’s all new again.

It’s actually going better. No one’s stewing in a pot of disgust and I actually have space to move the characters around. Good thing that. So, wish me luck and most of all, pray for my sanity. I’ve got some catching up to do.

24 thoughts on “Tossing My Cookies…

  1. crankytiger

    I recommend a baseball bat, something breakable, and a soundproofed room. (What? It always works for me…)

    That said, good luck. Crap like that drives me UP THE WALL, but it always seems to work out better in the long run somehow.

    1. I’m pretty okay with it. Most of it was the moment of… FUCKING HELL, I started the book off wrong and then tried to dig my way out of it.

      Even my cat is bitching at me. Okay, so maybe that’s cause he’s a beggar.

      1. crankytiger

        I’m pretty sure it’s in the feline contract that they have to meet a daily bitching quota. Either that, or mine have been learning from my example.

        Oh hell… If the latter’s the case, it means I’m doomed.

  2. You know, Robert Frost worked all night on a poem about snow–must have thrown away two rubbish baskets of paper.

    When he was done, he went to sleep, woke up, and wrote “Stopping by the woods on a Snowy Evening.”

    All creativity has a purpose– you just don’t know the right purpose for it when it comes back to haunt you.

  3. I am praying, wishing for you, but most of all I have faith. I love what you write, so I know it will all be good and work out. There, that’s all you need, people who believe in you, and your talent. 🙂

  4. Diana Hernandez

    Yes! Let us burn it all, wear ceremonial headdresses and dance around the great fiery pit!!!!

    … a little too excited there but yes sometimes it must be done. I’m rooting for you!!


  5. And I was bitching because I am only up to 2250 words when I need 3500….im going to slink off back to my lounge and never whine again LOL

  6. Treasure

    I read this as throwing out 45K cookies, and I had to process through why any one had that many cookies in their house, and what kind of cookies? and surely they couldn’t all be bad. And then I realized what you were actually saying.

    So I’m sure the next 45k will be wonderful and perhaps some of the old will be useful for something else.

    And just in case send me a snail mail address and I’ll send actual cookies. Like oat meal and chocolate, vanilla sugar butter kind.

    1. mmmmmm god i love oatmeal cookies.

      i am watching justified right now. raylan…. nom nom nom. *grins*

      heh…. that’s a LOT of cookies.

  7. It’s just the same for knitting! Occasionally (ahem) you’ll make a mistake in a knitting project, and if you don’t correct it, it will compound and throw the whole thing off. If you catch it early enough, you can do a quick fix; otherwise, you just need to pull apart your work back to the point where the mistake is. In knitting, that’s called “frogging”. I don’t know what it would be called in writing. “Tossing your cookies” works as well as anything, I guess.

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