NASA Johnson Style.

I wasn’t going to ever post another Gangnam Style Parody but… GODDAMNIT! NASA! SCIENCE!

Okay and the lead guy’s kind of cute in an excited Asian boy way. *grins*

11 thoughts on “NASA Johnson Style.

  1. Being a big ole nerd at heart, I love this! Met one of the guys who runs the space station at one of the many Bat Mitzvah’s for my ex’s family a few years back – my ex-BIL’s cousin. He and his wife both work for NASA and I can totally see him doing this.

  2. OMG! This had me shaking my booty on my chair! I love it when large groups of folks get together to make these sort of videos. I think it’s healthy for them to spend some ‘fun’ time together. It’s sad that once the vid. is published there are so many idiots who will criticize them. This was Fun!!!

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