8 thoughts on “Heh… Cats.

  1. HA! Those Christmas trees didn’t stand a chance. We had a cat that used to climb up inside the tree (back in the days when we had a real tree) and he would just lay in the branches and look out at us. This cat also ate donuts and liked to be in water, so not sure what that says about him. He was all white and his name was Angel. Best cat we ever had.

    1. We had a black cat named Opala (means rubbish in Hawaiian. I found him at the dump). LIVED in the tree for days if you let him. Ate olives. Great cat 😀

  2. Must be meat in onuva those pressies….look at the salivating grin on kitties face! hahahahaha

    We had a cat that ate the tinsel off the tree every year….when she pottied she had tinsel comin outta her arse….hahahahahahahaha

    She hate the candy canes and would steal them and bury them in the litter box…*snicker*

    I LUV CATS!!!!!

    thanks for the chuckles and grins Rhys darlin!

    hugs ya,

    1. Oh yeah I had a tinsel eater too. It was like dental floss. Sighs.

      I hope there was meat in those. The trees though… EAT ALL TREES.

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