Telling Grandma…

This very brave and honest young woman tells her Grandmother she likes girls. Kudos for her and bravo to her grandmother. I wish this much joy for everyone in life. Regarndless who you love.

4 thoughts on “Telling Grandma…

  1. Sadonna

    Very cool. I doubt my grandmother would have been that cool about it. After more than 10 years of living together, my ex and I still had to sleep in separate beds at her house. And I was over 40!

    1. I have no idea what my Grandmother would say. A lot of my family believes I’m gay even though they know I’ve lived and slept with guys my whole life. They are waiting for that moment. My sister and I have a bet going on when someone straight out asks me if I’m a lesbian. Of course I’ve also announced at the dinner table that “I Like Dick so can we please move on.” I have 20 bucks on the bet. We’re thinking my Aunty Mary will break first. *grins*

      Nothing wrong with being a lesbian. But I wish they’d understand that not everyone fits their gender identity norms. 😀

  2. Sadonna

    Hahaha! I think my family thought I was gay for years because I didn’t date a lot or talk about my personal life. But then I lived with a man for nearly 15 years, so I think somehow they were disappointed because they didn’t have anything to possibly talk about anymore. Although he was Jewish and that certainly caused some talk (morons). My sister ex-husband was muslim and from Yemen, so we really were quite scandalous 😉

    My mom already had heart attack this year, so perhaps I’ll hold off on any additional announcements about anything for a while 😀

    1. My mother is upset she doesn’t have a lesbian daughter to talk about in church. Because EVERYONE has a slutty daughter. *grins* She’s taken it well.

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