22 thoughts on “Sick and Grumpy so… RESEARCH!

  1. Uh huh. Yes. I’m not sure what happened to the boy’s thigh in that second picture, but I’d like to kiss it and make it better, please.

  2. Treasure

    OMG I looked up the price (see research) of the Dieux du Stade calendar, it’s 89.95. that’s dollars not euros.

  3. Sadonna

    Cranky and stuck at the hotel with flight home cancelled. Thank you for taking away some of the grumpiness!

      1. Sadonna

        Yeah, Tina and I are stuck in FL. At least it’s 80 here 🙂 But we NEED to get home. I had all kinds of appointmens tomorrow that I had to cancel. I’m a bit pissed off because now I’m going to show up on Christmas with gray roots! UGH! Great that my hair will look nice – on the 26th. And the real insult is to watch The Weather Channel from here at a time when we would have long since been home to see that there is not ONE flake of snow there. This is the second time this has happened to us this year. And tomorrow they will let us fly and there will crappy snow then. Very annoying. My batting average isn’t very good this year. Out of 14 trips, I’ve had three flights cancelled and ended up stuck someplace I didn’t want to be.

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