Dirty Laundry Is Off To The Races…

Dirty Laundry, the third book in the Cole McGinnis Mysteries, is off to Dreamspinners Press for consideration. Cross your fingers the review process goes quickly and they accept it post-haste.

For those who don’t know the process, DSP has the right of first refusal for any manuscript in the Cole McGinnis series. This means that while they’ve published the first two books, they are under no obligation to publish the whole series BUT they do get the right to review the books first and THEN decide to whether or not they want to publish it or reject it.

It’s a standard contract clause and one I’m used to. Now, every author has their own process on writing a book. Some submit a proposal and the publisher decided to award a contract based on that proposal. Since I hate pressure like that *grins*, I write the book first then submit it for review. In the case of Dirty Laundry, I did contact DSP to tell them I’d have the third book done in mid-to-late November just to give them a heads-up.

So, there you go. *grins*  Wish Cole and Jae luck. HWAITING!

I’m going to watch a few episodes of Nice Guy, a Kdrama, and ruminate over the next Sinner’s Gin plot.

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  1. Jessica

    Wow you seemed to finish the third book pretty quickly! Congratulations on your completion and good luck with the publication! Hopefully DSP recognizes your awesomeness by now and won’t refuse the book/disappoint your fanbase. lol 🙂

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