Tam Kitteh Update

As some of you know, we have a “recently” diabetic cat named Tam Lin or Tam for short. I named him that for a couple of reasons. Tam Lin was a bard and the cat goes through the house singing. Off-key but he sings. Secondly, as part of the legend, Tam Lin is turned into a burning coal and then tossed into a well. The cat is black… coal is black. So there you have it.

Tam was very sick a while ago. The vet thought he wouldn’t live through the weekend. Well Tam had other ideas. Fast foward to now where he’s pretty robust.

Oh, and I cooked a turkey yesterday.

If there is ONE thing Tam loves it’s roasted leezard. (We call all fowl leezards. We like to harken back to the times when they were dinosaurs and kind of give them street cred.) But yes, roasted leezard. His favourite. He loves chicken but oh… he has a special deep abiding love for turkey.

Since a major part of his diet has to be pure protein, he knew he was getting some giant leezard. But apparently it wasn’t enough. He had some last night and then followed me into the bathroom because he figured I’d dragged the giant leezard in there with me. The cat’s a bit off in the head.

He got some this morning for breakfast after his insulin shot and then proceeded to beg for more. Begging consists of standing under my computer table while I am writing and dancing on my feet. And meeping at me in a low growly voice.

No, he did not get any more leezard. There is a fine line between healthy portion and all-you-can-gorge. If allowed, he would shove his head inside of the turkey and eat his way out of the meat room until he puked.

The begging is hilarious but he’s going to have to wait until dinner.

6 thoughts on “Tam Kitteh Update

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Leezard is a cool name. I love to watch the cranes here stalk a snake; they do look like creeping dinosaurs.
    Tam Kitteh is so beautiful to look at. Keep us posted on your kitty.

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