Oh! And A Bit Of Halloween… Okay Pretty Korean Boy Fun

This is Dong Bang Shin Ki doing Balloons which is a remake of a old song. It’s meant to be a silly, go back to your childhood kind of song. But it’s got costumes. Be sure to watch the going-ons in the background.


Now mind you, these are the same boys in this video…


And three of them are now JYJ (Of DBSK…long story)


And of course, Xia Junsu’s sole efforts are… nice too. *grins*

7 thoughts on “Oh! And A Bit Of Halloween… Okay Pretty Korean Boy Fun

    1. Heh…. Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK or TVXQ) depending on how you romanize it. JYJ are three of that group… Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu…

      Xia is Junsu’s take on his old nickname, XIAH, from SM Entertainment when they were still with DBSK… which they consider themselves still a part of just… the contract they’d been signed under was declared invalid because it was horrific. SM is fighting them tooth and nail because the company owes them money. They would love to go back to being a part of the group…. and consider themselves JYJ of DBSK.

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