Laying A Belly Rub Trap…

Yoshiko throws herself down in the middle of the walk area of the living room, waiting for someone to come by and give her a belly rub. She does this ALL the time. Whether or not someone’s actually IN the living room.

It’s a Trap!

6 thoughts on “Laying A Belly Rub Trap…

  1. That looks like our tuxedo cat! The one who HATES having her belly rubbed, and will bite you if you try. (The other cat loves it — he’s a total dog.)

  2. Sadonna

    We used to have a big white long-haired cat that LOVED his belly rubbed. Whenever we came home he flopped down in the middle of the front room for one. He also liked water (liked to let the faucet drip on his head) and cinnamon fry donuts. His name was Angel and he was the best cat ever!

    1. Yoshi will lie in wait for about half an hour. Literally. If no one’s in the living room…she will WAIT for someone. She’s an odd cat.

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