Today’s Lunch: Miso Ramen and Stuff

I wanted something more like comfort food today. We ate rich at ABQ and Los Angeles so my guts are all… hey! want something nice and warm. Like Home Food! Damn It! Rice or Noodles!

My stomach has some definite opinions.

So today, lunch is miso ramen with a shrimp broth base, roasted pork, egg omelette and peas. With shoyu. ‘Cause you know… one needs shoyu.

4 thoughts on “Today’s Lunch: Miso Ramen and Stuff

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Shoyu is something I had to look up. I have never noticed that on my grocer’s shelf here, just soy sauce and teriaki sauce. I will look again. Your meal looks tempting.

    1. Sorry…shoyu is soy sauce. It’s the japanese word for it. habit for me. I have to stop and say soy sauce. Not something I do alot. *hugs*

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