Rambles and Reese’s. Not me. The other kind.

Hello my darling followers,

As the sun sets on another day… actually it set a long time ago, I just couldn’t get my shit together to type something out until now… I want to say thank you for your support with Dirty Secret.

Sophomore books are the curse. They are. I’m still looking askance at life thinking… okay, where the reviews gonna hit the bloggy places and what will they think about it. Everyone’s got an opinion on the murder. Some wanted lots of death and a serial killer where I wanted something a bit more… cop-ish. But with guns. And shootings. Heh. What? Guns are easy to get. Do you have any idea how hard it is to kill a lot of people in Los Angeles with a pen knife?

Or a scythe. Wouldn’t that be cool?

I’m eating Reese’s peanut butter minis. I rarely eat these. And usually I’m good after one. I’ve had three. Mostly to get the smell of fish out of my nose.

Tam Update: He’s sort of doing well. His levels are still high and he’s a dick about getting poked for blood but really, can you blame him? He will only eat fish and maybe some canned chicken. I have a high protein dry cat food and he’s nibbled at that but the rest of the time, it’s all Charlie and his friends Sammy Salmon, Sal the Sardine and Mike the Mackerel. Seriously, it smells like a fricking walrus den in here.

But the cat’s eating. And he’s gained weight.

The cairn terrorist is currently under my computer table, skewing it with his lard butt. To be fair, he’s a compact muscled tank so his ass isn’t really all that lard.

I’m kind of tanked out on promos. Because let’s face it, there’s only so much you can do before you start sounding like a three ring circus hawker. And not in a good way.

Supernatural was on. Fuck Jensen Ackles is pretty. Yes that has NOTHING to do with my writing but damn… I thought I’d share.

Dirty Laundry is doing well. I was going to have an ending but then thought I might be gutted like one of Tam’s fish. So I’ll have to figure out if that’s really what I want to do. Stop it. I have to beat them up. It’s fiction. No one reads fiction or mysteries to see people walking in the park through the daisies for 250 pages. That’s just silly.

Oh and if you’ve skimmed the comments on another post, YES…there will probably be a Bobby book. But later.

So on that note, Neko is telling me it’s time for bed and the dog has mysteriously gassed the lower regions of the carpet. The living room will not be habitable for quite some time.

Thanks again all! Seriously. You Rock.

14 thoughts on “Rambles and Reese’s. Not me. The other kind.

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Yes we’ve had to call in HazMat for our gassy mixed breed mutt. Lot of terrier in her. It’s the price we pay for Unconditional Love and puppy dog eyes.
    A small bowl of vinegar on the counter can tone down some of that fish smell.
    Please, no patchouli.

    A Bobby book? I can’t wait. Amazing, my ancient brain actually recalls who Bobby IS, without checking back. A credit to the writer for making him memorable.
    My copy of Dirty Secret is “in the mail”. Will savor it slowly if I can.

    1. Oh god no….no patchouli

      It’ll probably be a bit before Bobby gets a book but I’ll work on it.

      Heh, and mostly the smell comes from the cat himself. Who is not at all pleased at the poking. 😀

  2. 1. Maggie audibles and can clear a room.
    2. Yay for Dirty Laundry progress! Woot!
    3. More WOOT! for a Bobby book. <3 Bring it on…
    4. Mmmm…Reese's Peanut Butter Cups…
    5. Had to Google Jensen Ackles because, you know, I'm mostly Amish, and yes, he's pretty.
    6. ::plugs nose and nuzzles Tam:: Walrus… ::snort::


  3. Verena

    I’m very very embarrassed to be asking this, but can someone please tell me who Bobby is? 😀

    1. No no no, don’t be embarrassed. *hugs* Bobby is Cole’s best friend. The one who is an ex-cop and is only out after he left the force. He trains Cole to box and runs with him sometimes.

  4. Verena

    Ahhhhh, now I remember. I just forgot his name…lol. Thanks for telling me. And thanks for the hug. 🙂 I’m really looking forward to his story.

    Btw, a friend of mine is going to GRL this year and I might have to ask her to get me your autograph. Too bad I can’t be there, because I’d love to meet you.

    1. Oh I would love to have met you *hugs* And please, if she doesn’t catch me there… drop me an email. I will autograph a book plate or something. Okay? *squishes*

      1. Verena

        That’d be great, thank you. I collect book marks and book plates, so having a signed one would be really awesome. 🙂

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