While on the way to find review sites…

I’m interviewed at Michele Fogel’s place. Interview here. There’s also a giveaway. I seem to be in a lot of those, don’t I?
Also doing Cup O’Porn in early November. I have no idea what to do there. I’m on a Whine and Write Wednesday/Friday thing. Better suit up.

25 thoughts on “While on the way to find review sites…

  1. brilliant brilliant brilliant interview. One of the best author interviews I have read in ages. I tried to comment on the site but it said i wasnt authorised. So just wanted you to know I love it 🙂

      1. Bullshit :)~
        I can keep calling it when you keep telling me bullshit LOL

        So lets practice accepting a nice compliment>>>

        Jess: That was an awesome interview
        Rhys: Thanks, I was a bit nervous.
        Jess: Well the nerves paid off cause you sounded really ‘human’ and not just trying to promote your latest book.
        Rhys: Aww thankyou that is great feedback, I want people to see me as ‘real’ 🙂
        Jess: This is the best example talk EVER.
        Rhys: I KNOW!!!!

  2. Treasure

    I thought it was a great interview. And by the way I got to use “much like a korean Chaebol” in a sentence today. And attached the wikipedia definition. So see it’s an educational book

    1. EXCELLENT! Heh… so many of Korean brand names are attached to chaebol families… Samsung, Kia and more. They really are dynasties.

  3. Verena

    That was an awesome interview! I enjoyed it very much. Btw, I ordered my paperback of Dirty Secret yesterday. I can’t wait to read it. 🙂

  4. Marlobo

    I have just finished to read the interview.

    Very interesting your answers in relation to the job of a writer.

    As to the most general issues concerning M/M Fiction, Gender an Sex Content, my empathy with your opinions is total.

    The inspirational pics were very opportune, not so much by Jae which I had a pretty adjusted mental picture about, but of Cole, of which I found difficult to visualize an image, considering that his Japanese heredity is not very notable in his physical appearance according to your drawing of him.

    Finally, I expect with eagerness the release of Sinner’s Gin and not to mention my anxiety for Dirty Laundry. And I would love to read a story over-40 from you, it’s one of my favorite themes.

    P.S.: Please,correct my English if it’s necessary; I have grammar doubts with this text.

    1. Thank you and haato! *hugs*

      Ah, your English is fine. You should hear mine when I am tired or lazy. My mind wanders and I forget words. Too much pidgin sneaks in but I don’t mind. My friends and I speak truncated English a lot. It is all good.

      Most of my family is partially Asian, myself included so I am used to seeing mixed faces. I forget that not everyone has that experience so I usually include the “inspiration” image for Cole when I can so people can see. And well, he is pretty.

      I do have to work on that 40+ story. *nods* I have an idea for it.

      Much love.

      1. Marlobo

        OMG! I really, really love Bobby (okaaay, I love the whole permanent cast…), Thanks, thanks, thanks…. I’m looking forward to read that story. ♥♥♥

  5. June M.

    I have tried to post a comment on that interview/post too but it was marked as ‘spam”. I did what to let you know that I enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading about how Jae deals with his sexuality seeing as how his culture is so against it.

    1. She seems to be having problems with her blog’s comment filter. Thank you for reading it! Jae’s sexuality and its exploration really gets delved into during Dirty Laundry. I’m midway right now and it’s plotted out pretty tightly at the moment. Juggling the boys and a mystery can be a pain in the butt. *grins*

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