Tonight’s Dinner: Miso Ramen

I once had a friend ask me how to make ramen. Japanese style. Huh. Ramen is kind of like Japanese casserole. Whatever you’ve got in the fridge, goes into ramen. Tamago (egg omelette) is traditional but really whatever fits. I like making a miso base for the soup. This is today’s offering.

Miso ramen with tamago, pork and grilled mushrooms

That’s Neko in the background. Apparently this is HER couch. Imagine. She’s a diva.

For those who have inquired, Tam’s doing well. He’s even sharing a window seat with his sister.

This is the bird TV window. There’s a hummingbird feeder right outside of it.

2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Miso Ramen

  1. Patricia Grayson

    In Key West restaurant last night, I was so stunned by the fish and its presentation on the plate, I didn’t think to take a picture. The snapper was UPRIGHT, curled like a bow and complete with head, fins and tail, covered in spicy sauce and swimming on a cloud of rice. Delicious.

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