Tam Kitteh Update

Tam is ready to go home. He is alert and complaining. If complaining were an Olympic event, he’d be tested for doping and fail.

We had some sort of miscommunication with the vet on call. He seemed to think the cat wasn’t eating. We seemed to believe he was eating alot.

After going back and forth a bit, he wanted to have Tam in a 24/7 hospital and a feeding tube. We were very confused because the decision to NOT put in a feeding tube was made on Friday. Because he’s eating. He nearly bit off my fingers to get to the tuna.

The tech came in and he’s the guy who we actually knew from our Old Vet before he hied off to Utah. Tony’s a great guy. So I asked him, Hey, is the cat eating or are we insane? He said No, he’s eating. He straightened the vet out on that issue.

Thank God. Sheesh.

I am worried about the infection, pancreatitus and diabetes from the pancreas going wonky. The infection mostly. He’s on some pretty hardcore antibiotics and that’s going to take some time to work through. But he’s alert… and WANTS DOWN! DOWN!

So I agreed he should stay one more day and we can assess from there. The vet didn’t have the greatest bedside manner. One of the things he said to me was “I was surprised to see he wasn’t dead.” Well, I’m not paying him for cuddly but dear God! Tact, man! Tact!

He is QUITE alert and wants cuddles. Oh and naps. A sunbeam wouldn’t be amiss either. Because damn it! THERE ARE NO SUNBEAMS! So hopefully he’ll be home tomorrow. He’s a love. They adore him.

11 thoughts on “Tam Kitteh Update

      1. In Australia vet bills are outrageously expensive. Is it more reasonable in the states??? Should I be buying two copies of Dirty Secret to help you pay your vet bill??? lol

  1. Patricia Grayson

    He’s been through the wringer, all right. He looks alert and ready to come home to you.

  2. How can a person trust such a man with the care of a family member? Much less pay him boucoup?. Check on Tam often! I hope he gets to come home soon!

    1. He was the one on call at the moment. Horrible bedside manner and really, the rest of the vets (there are 9 of them) are quite lovely. He…. well…. We called him Doctor Eyore *grins*

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