Tam Kitteh and Shirts

Tam Kitteh is home. He’s going to be getting a lot of antibiotics, some fluids and a wee bit of insulin daily. We’re still not sure if the diabetes is here to stay or will be heading out the door. We’ll know more once the pancreas is all happy.

BUT he is home and resting. Neko has already been to see him and the old man dog is lying down next to him. So life is good. I’ll let him wander around a bit later. But for now, he’s in the large open kennel in the living room so he can rest.

The second bit of news today is that the shirts came in. They are definitely silk screen…printed right on the fabric.

They look pretty good. It’s always difficult because what you see on a piece of art isn’t what you always get on a shirt but I like how they look. They are quite old school t-shirt. If you ordered a shirt, I’ll be sending them out after Labour Day.

2 thoughts on “Tam Kitteh and Shirts

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Good, he’s home.

    I’ll be pre-ordering by Friday. I’m soooo anticipating the book.

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