Quick Tam Kitteh Update

He’s still at the hospital and probably will be for a couple more days. Eating finally. Looks like a severe acute pancreatitus. I probably spelled that wrong but I’ve had no sleep.

Hopefully he can come home soon. Lots of antibiotics but he’s had some of his yogurt. *crosses fingers* Home!

8 thoughts on “Quick Tam Kitteh Update

  1. Patricia Grayson

    I can hear Tam Kitteh purr. He needs to be home to be your Muse.

    1. Heh…mostly he squats in all of our beds and annoys the girls. And he’s more than willing to sit with you when you are in the bathroom. He’s an odd cat. But a happy one.

      Neko usually is on the couch with me while I write. Yoshi sometimes comes to visit but it’s a Neko spot. The girls are not happy without Tam. They have no one to pick on but themselves.

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