Domains and Dominos…

So if you are one of the tens of people who follow this site, you’ve been following Today, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and just outright purchase and have my blog and pages point there. You probably won’t see a change and it’s really just so I can have a smaller address on my business cards. Which I still have to design. Right after I finish this chapter.

Yeah, add something else to the Do-Now list.

I appreciate all of you that are with me in this. Truly, every word I write really belongs to you. Haato.

4 thoughts on “Domains and Dominos…

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Good for you on purchasing your domain name. My elderly father, before he passed away, used to tease us about not having a Dot Com of his own. He even tried, in his eighties, to learn how to use a computer, but his failing health prevented success. He was curious about everything.

    Thanks for posting the Madden games advertisements, too. Fun.

    Have you checked out the memorable tattoo described in Brues’ novel,
    “Yakuza Pride”

    1. Wait, I have game adverts? Where? Okay…. to be fair, I’m really out of it. Cat and lack of sleep and too much company have me all turned around. My brain’s out of whack.

      I’ve not read Yakuza Pride yet. It’s on my TBR but I try to avoid reading M/M while I’m writing. It tangles my brain. *winks*

      The dotcom was really just… yeah, I should do that. Okay….gives in.

  2. Patricia Grayson

    Since I’m not able to get ink, any sight of fine ink is a treat. Continue on with your dragon.

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