Dirty Laundry but not mine…

I’m starting to plot out Dirty Laundry today. Funnily enough I stumbled across this a while back but didn’t watch it. Today seemed appropriate. Now, I drink Jack. It’s my favourite. And I LOVE action movies. Both of the men in this clip are faves of mind.

This is a brutal fan film they made but oh God, I wanna write like this. Also, apparently JD bottles are indestructable.

Sinner’s Gin is off to Submissions! Sneak Peek!

As all of you know, I want a blurb button in Microsoft Word. So, I thought I’d share with you the Sinner’s Gin blurb and a sneak peek of the book. Here’s hoping it gets picked up. Now on to Dirty Laundry *winks*.

There was a dead body in Miki St. John’s Pontiac GTO and he had no idea who put it there.

When Miki returned to San Francisco after a tragic car accident that killed his band members and left him injured, he’d planned to lick his wounds and wall himself up in the brick warehouse he’d purchased while on tour. He didn’t plan on someone killing the man who abused him as a child, dumping the remains in his vintage muscle car or for Kane Morgan, a rugged Irish SFPD Inspector, liking him for the murder.

Kane’s suspicions turn out to be unfounded but the danger to Miki’s safety escalates. Soon, the bodies begin piling up and the attraction between the former rock star and police detective heats up, threatening to consume them both. Can Kane keep Miki safe long enough to catch the killer or will the singer be the murderer’s final victim?

Sneak Peek
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Okay. I love this book.

RidiculousRidiculous by D.L. Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’m actually about half-way through this book at the time I’m writing this. I NEVER praise a book before I finish reading it. In fact, I think this is the first time in my recent memory that I’ve hunted it down to leave a review on a site before I’ve finished.

Fantastic and concise writing. The plot flows well and the characterizations are brilliant. I am thoroughly enjoying this book. Well done!

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KPop and Girl Groups

I’m not much of a fan of female singers. I have a select few I enjoy, usually women with pretty powerful, bluesy voices. But, someone did as about KPOP girl groups… So I’ll include a few. I DO like 2NE1, which is a female group but for the most part, the genre is too… pop-pop for me. Odd, because it’s pretty much K-POP. Not K-Sorta-Something Else.

But, here are a few of the popular girl groups. These have been suggested by some of my friends who have faves among the groups. And Man this took forever 😀

SNSD (Girls Generation): Gee is one of their biggest hits.

After School: Diva

Wonder Girls: Nobody

2NE1: I Am The Best (I like 2NE1 to write to but only the more upbeat songs)

2NE1: Can’t Nobody (English Version)