33 thoughts on “Underwear?

  1. πŸ˜€

    I’ve watched this. Repetitively. Bookmarked it. Memorized it. Love it with every fiber of my being. Heh.

  2. Well, if we’re doing that, I think we need to do a comparative study, don’t you? Have you see the video for Tag Me yet?

    No, you say? Well, if not, CLICK HERE, but be forewarned–This is NSFW. ::wicked grin::

  3. Patricia Grayson

    I’m leaving it up to the experts. But as for me, I need to review it again. And again. ……

  4. Treasure

    Milk, it’s a milk ad definitly a milk ad. Maybe honey, possibly body paint. Love to have been there when they were deciding on the ad campaign. @ :Lisa, that’s another great one!

  5. @Treasure: Well, it’s entirely my pleasure to do that sort of research, you know.

    Andrew has quite a few lovely (and uncensored) videos HERE..

  6. ruslana

    I’ve spent the last hour looking at the videos. I know I have some work to do but I can’t remember what. I’m surprised my head did not explode!

      1. ruslana

        if anyone saw behind the scenes for “lick”, the straight guy put me over the edge! want to be a fly on that wall!

      2. ruslana

        sent it to my friend. told her to have something cold handy! OMG! thank you so much. still am a bit frazzled!

  7. Spencer was all-DAYUM! He must be the one with the words HARD CORE tattooed on his fingers? I dunno, but I clenched throughout that whole video. Just sayin’.

  8. Immune? What is this immune? I just keep getting more addicted. I’ve watched every day for a week. Sometimes multiple times a day. Not immune. πŸ˜€

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