KPop and Girl Groups

I’m not much of a fan of female singers. I have a select few I enjoy, usually women with pretty powerful, bluesy voices. But, someone did as about KPOP girl groups… So I’ll include a few. I DO like 2NE1, which is a female group but for the most part, the genre is too… pop-pop for me. Odd, because it’s pretty much K-POP. Not K-Sorta-Something Else.

But, here are a few of the popular girl groups. These have been suggested by some of my friends who have faves among the groups. And Man this took forever 😀

SNSD (Girls Generation): Gee is one of their biggest hits.

After School: Diva

Wonder Girls: Nobody

2NE1: I Am The Best (I like 2NE1 to write to but only the more upbeat songs)

2NE1: Can’t Nobody (English Version)

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