Tonight’s Dinner: Egg in a Basket

Comfort food.  Sorta.

I used to make these for my Grandpa. I was 6 or 7 when I first made him these. Before then, well, I had a failed omelette. With everything he liked… green onions, ham, cheese, hot cocoa powder, coffee (grounds) and ketchup.

I’ve gotten a little better since then.

Damned if he didn’t eat it though. THAT’S how you know your grandfather loves you.

Mind you, I also made him coffee. THAT came out much better. I might have put too much sugar in it. I can’t remember.

4 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Egg in a Basket

  1. ren

    you were born with coffee skills from the get go.

    also, i see you didnt bite the bread… …. XD;

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