Tonight’s Dinner: Lau lau and rice

It’s raining cats, dogs and goats. So since it’s nearly like being home, we’re having lau lau tonight for dinner.

lau lau (taro leaves, beef, pork and black cod with rice and shiso furikake)

16 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner: Lau lau and rice

  1. Patricia Grayson

    Your meals are always so extraordinary. I once ate a meal on a banana leaf while in India….at a classical Indian dance school on the beach…I was their guest. You are forcing me to look up these strange new words you’re showing us. Thanks.

    1. Heh…. ah, lau lau are like comfort food for me. If I had a choice of a last meal, it would be on it. Okay that and a really good kal bi.

      And rice. Always need rice. :::grins:::

      The Indian food sounds lovely!

  2. Helyce

    Every time you share some local grinds my mouth waters. My parents are visiting from Maui for my kids spring break, but they only brought mochi crunch, wasabi peanuts, chi chi dango, and lots of chocolate macadamia nut candy! Oh and this really decadent one that is a chocolate and toffee covered mac nut rolled in powered sugar. But lau lau right about now sounds really good too!

  3. Helyce

    I’m in Santa Clara. We have a lot of those L & L Drive Ins or J & J Drive Ins. There was a restaurant in Milpitas, CA that had local food, but I don’t know if it’s still there. They had pretty good shoyu chicken and really good saimin with the pink and white fishcake and charsiu. We have terrific Korean food here, but for authentic “Hawaiian” food…not really.

  4. Helyce

    I know, I saw your post. I was thinking that it would have been to hang out. Maybe next time!

  5. Helyce

    What is Yaoi Con? I’ve heard that term before, but never researched. Is it Manga stuff?

  6. Jess

    I have never seen a meal like that in my life. I am willing to try anything though. I will add it to my bucket list.

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