Tonight’s Dinner: Spinach Mushroom and Cheese Quiche with braised Asparagus.

This is actually a pretty easy dinner to toss together. There was fresh spinach on sale, fresh baby brown mushrooms and asparagus was 99¢ a lb. Since my baby sister Ren is coming down so we can leave for Frisco tomorrow, the fare tonight is Vegetarian. She’s actually a Carbatarian… one who doesn’t eat meat and hates veggies. I sneak them in all the time. 😀

I’m not big on adding cream to my quiche so I guess I should actually call it an Egg Pie but let’s face it… that just sounds odd. :::grins::::

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    1. Heh. That’s actually an Angry Bird Amigurumi that a friend (swallow in the comment above) made for me. Yoshi is also on the couch but she wasn’t feeling photogenic. 😀

  1. A carbatarian! I like most veggies, but I have somehow substituted my meat calories for potato chip calories.

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