I have a bunny weakness.

I’m not sure when this affliction struck me. Possibly at an early age. You’d think it would be squirrels. My name in Japanese is Risu, which means squirrel. Squirrels are lovely creatures with big puffy tails. And damn it, while I adore them. I even squeed the first time I saw one! Don’t judge. I grew up in Hawai’i. There aren’t any squirrels there. Bunnies just DO it for me.

This… keeled me. Ded.

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  1. Patricia Grayson

    yes I can see why it would. I have a bunny thing of my own, it is finding a “sound” I can make to let my little toddler grandchild know what it is a bunny “says”. Wriggling my nose doesn’t cut it.
    I am nearing the very end of “Dirty Kiss”. Already setting petty cash aside for your follow up novel.

    1. Thank you! I’m glad you liked it! Ah, Cole and Jae are a pain to write at the moment. I think they’d rather just stay in bed than solve mysteries 😀

      Bunnies rock.

  2. Because the only thing cuter than bunnies is baby bunnies. And the only thing cuter than baby bunnies is baby bunnies in espresso cups. I think my head just exploded from the cuteness.

  3. Patricia Grayson

    Thank you Rhys for a great story, in “Dirty Kiss.” It was exciting, had a great pace, and was satisfying to someone who loves the old style shamus stories….it will be great reading your next one. Keep writing! Patricia

    1. Thank you again! Heh. Ah, I wanted something with a bit more…. meat to it. That sounds odd. And probably a little dirty. Didn’t mean to. 😀 I’m off to beat Cole into his storyline!

  4. Cutest bunnies in the world! (They have keeled me ded with their cuteness.) So, Risu=squirrel, huh. Did you ever see the movie, “Up”?

    1. Yep. Risu. I have the kanji some place. It’s pretty fricking complicated just for a squirrel. :::nods::

      I’ve seen parts of Up. Strangely enough, I’ve not had much time to watch stuff. I’m so far behind on movies.

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