I am a bit of a geek. I didn’t think I was but apparently, my geek fu is quite high. I deny this but most of my friends are quick to point out the geekery of my brain. :::sniffs:::

I would refute this but some of them are engineers and if they think you’re geeky then perhaps a bit of it is the truth.


When I was very young, my grandfather gave me a series of Time-Life books. Some of them had to do with dinosaurs and early mammals. I LOVED those books. Filled up my little Asperger’s heart with a gleeful gleeing thing. Dinosaurs! Funky Saber-toothed things!

I was actually more in love with the pictures but the text was pretty decent. Things and theories have changed over the years but I still have a deep love for the prehistoric.

Case in point:

Denver Museum of Science “Dino” from Smoke & Mirrors on Vimeo.

I need to really get into writing. I have a good portion going. My brain’s all wiped from jetting about so I’m hoping to reboot it and keep going. Nothing some vietnamese coffee can’t cure.

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