Closing In and Opening Boxes

Dirty Kiss’s release date is fast approaching. I don’t know the official date yet but we’re gearing up there. The cover artist has been tapped for the book… the lovely Anne Cain whom I’ve worked with before and had a lovely experience. Someone asked me: “Why didn’t you design it yourself?”

Well, I wanted the full “author” experience.

And I also know how hard it is to find hot, pretty Asian boys in stock photos. :::grins::: Have fun, Anne! :::waves:::

I joined Goodreads. Odd thing that. Adding people I read. Books I read. Debating public face happy now that I’m Rhys Ford because really there is a certain diplomacy that one should take when representing a brand… in my case, Rhys Ford. Douchebaggery is not the image I want to project and God knows I’ll be chewing on my foot in no time, I don’t need help steering it past my lips.

Pray with me that I can sustain that. :::grins:::

I had a point to this post. And now it’s lost. Really, someone showed me a picture of a guy in a hideous outfit and it shoved all thought from my head.

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    1. ren

      puppy and his chicken legs. XDD;;; and jj and his chewing T_T
      sleep is irrelevant, i’m stealing your cat. white pawwwwws.

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