Closing In and Opening Boxes

Dirty Kiss’s release date is fast approaching. I don’t know the official date yet but we’re gearing up there. The cover artist has been tapped for the book… the lovely Anne Cain whom I’ve worked with before and had a lovely experience. Someone asked me: “Why didn’t you design it yourself?”

Well, I wanted the full “author” experience.

And I also know how hard it is to find hot, pretty Asian boys in stock photos. :::grins::: Have fun, Anne! :::waves:::

I joined Goodreads. Odd thing that. Adding people I read. Books I read. Debating public face happy now that I’m Rhys Ford because really there is a certain diplomacy that one should take when representing a brand… in my case, Rhys Ford. Douchebaggery is not the image I want to project and God knows I’ll be chewing on my foot in no time, I don’t need help steering it past my lips.

Pray with me that I can sustain that. :::grins:::

I had a point to this post. And now it’s lost. Really, someone showed me a picture of a guy in a hideous outfit and it shoved all thought from my head.

6 thoughts on “Closing In and Opening Boxes

  1. ren

    as soon as you said “chewing on foot” all i could think of was “puppy!”

    1. ren

      puppy and his chicken legs. XDD;;; and jj and his chewing T_T
      sleep is irrelevant, i’m stealing your cat. white pawwwwws.

  2. heh. chicken legs are getting more furry. jax is dead asleep. i’m eating dinner! heh. youshi puff is all puff puff puff

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