Toys! Toys! Toys! In The Attic!

I haven’t posted in two week! Wow. So much and so little has happened. Mostly what’s been going on is the horrible sinus headache from the back and forth of San Diego’s weather. Hot then cold and rainy. Always a fun thing.

Currently in the Rhys Ford household, the three dogs are asleep and I’ve just finished watching American Idol. This is actually the first time I’ve ever really followed the show. Why am I watching now? Steven Fucking Tyler.

Really I don’t think you can say Steven Tyler without using that as his middle name.

Aerosmith has always been one of my favourite bands. They’ve taken me through a lot of really hard times and I’ve celebrated many a happy moment with a soundtrack laden with Steven Tyler’s voice and lyrics. And let’s not forget Mr. Joe Perry. Yes, the Toxic Twins are combative and still remain best friends. You gotta love that in a rock star.

Been watching a lot of television. I really need to be writing. So, back to the grindstone I go.

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