Hair of The Dog

!Hair_Of_The_Dog Hair of the Dog is a collection of shorts I created for the Tequila Mockingbird release on June 27, 2014. They were scattered about the internet and hosted by a delightful group of bloggers who were crazy enough to indulge me.

I promised to gather up all the pieces and make them available in one document. So here it is. In full mobi, epub and pdf formats. These are free. Do not pay for this book. Share it, print it out, plaster your bathroom with it but most of all, I encourage you to read more books. And not just mine. Any books.

Hair Of The Dog. A serialized short collection from the Sinners Series.

Epub Mobi PDF

Listed in order of appearance.
Part 1: Rainbow Gold Reviews      
Part 2: Live your Life, Buy The Book
Part 3: The Novel Approach           
Part 4: The Blogger Girls                
Part 5: Joyfully Jay                        
Part 5½ Mercy Celeste’s Blog        
Part 6: 3 Chicks After Dark            
Part 7: Gay List Book Reviews      
Part 8: Boy meets Boy                   
Part 9: Prism Alliance                      
Part 10: Under The Covers            
Part 11: LoveBytes Reviews          

46 thoughts on “Hair of The Dog

  1. Scott

    Hi Rhys- just finished Tequila Mockingbird and loved it! How long do I have to wait for Quinn’s tale??

      1. Scott

        A year?!? It’s like you think you should have a life outside of writing these awesome novels! 😉

  2. debbie

    Hehe..I agree with Scott. Not sure where Rhys gets the idea that she should have a life outside of writing and feeding our addiction!!

  3. Becky

    I’ve just started the Sinners series and I am SO in love with these guys! The Morgans have become one of my favorite book families. Thanks for writing some brilliant characters. 🙂

  4. I can’t tell you how much I love the Sinner’s Gin series. Okay… I LOVE the Sinner’s Gin Series!!! A lot! Fell in love with Dude in the first book. I can’t wait until they fill in with their bass player so I know Quinn’s story is gonna rock! Thanks for sharing the gift of your talent! YOU rock!

  5. Sheridan

    Just found the Sinner’s Series – Love it! Burned thru it in 2 days…can’t wait for Quinn’s story. Awesome books!

  6. Lori

    Love all your books, just finished Duck Duck Ghost, it was fantastic. Love Wolf and Tristin. You are absolutley one of my favorite authors!!

  7. I love the Sinners Gin series. I’ve read all the books. Even bought and listened to the audio versions. So…safe to say…I love the characters. This collection of Dude’s stories is practically perfect. We know that without Dude and that damned Koa Miki and Kane never would have met. Thanks so much for sharing your gift with us!!

  8. Karen

    I love the Sinners Gin series. It ranks up there with my other favorite series: Matter of Time series by Mary Calmes, the Deviations series by Chris Owens and the With or Without series by J.L. Langley. Whenever I need a good comforting read with characters that are more like good friends, these are the ones I go to and read over and over again. Can’t wait for Quinn and Rafe’s story….

  9. Africanaussie

    Just keep writing Rhys….happy to read even a beer coaster if you had written on it.

  10. Barb

    I read Cole’s books awhile back and I was looking to see if the next one was out yet and was saddened to find that it wasn’t 😥 . So I decided to try the sinners books and I blew through them in days😊what awesome characters! I have to agree with Karen that your books rank up there with Mary Calmes and the others she mentioned. Now I’m waiting for TWO books! Thank you for sharing your talent with us. Love your books.

    1. aw, thank you. So so much. I am honoured to be included in Mary’s company. Truly and really. *hugs* And heh… I’m writing. I promise!

  11. Okay, I’m rereading this b/c I love the Sinners series (I don’t even make excuses for it anymore). But it’s been a couple of weeks that I’ve been wondering, (you’d think I don’t have a life with how seriously I think about fictional characters lives) what shenanigans the Morgan clan gets up to on Father’s Day, particularly what would Miki do b/c Donal is all kinds of awesome! 😀

    1. Heh… If I wasn’t chasing deadlines I’d consider writing something but I’m right to the wall on something. But it’s not to say there won’t be something in September *grins*

      1. I know you’re busy, but I just wanted to post the thought since it’s been dancing in my brain for awhile. Now I have something to look forward to in September, though really I”m already anticipating Ink & Shadows-been lurking at amazon to pounce on it as soon as it’s up for preorder. Just finished Murder and Mayhem a couple of days ago too. Soooo many goodies. >.<

  12. Love the series. I totally binge read it, after I binge read the Dirty series. I wanted to read Hair of the Dog but the link doesn’t work 🙁
    Will Absinthe of Malice be the last in the series?

  13. jan

    I love the sinner series especially the conversations between D and Miki! I also binge read the dirty series Jae*heart eyes* such a sweetie pie.

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