Hair of the Dog… In Living Fur and Tacos

!Hair_Of_The_DogHair of the Dog is a collection of shorts I created for the Tequila Mockingbird release on June 27, 2014. They were scattered about the internet and hosted by a delightful group of bloggers who were crazy enough to indulge me.

I promised to gather up all the pieces and make them available in one document. So here it is. In full mobi, epub and pdf formats.

These are free. Do not pay for this book. Share it, print it out, plaster your bathroom with it but most of all, I encourage you to read more books. And not just mine.

Any books.

Hair Of The Dog
A serialized short collection from the Sinners Series.




Tremendous thanks to the following blogs:

Listed in order of appearance.
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Part 2: Live your Life, Buy The Book
Part 3: The Novel Approach           
Part 4: The Blogger Girls                
Part 5: Joyfully Jay                        
Part 5½ Mercy Celeste’s Blog        
Part 6: 3 Chicks After Dark            
Part 7: Gay List Book Reviews      
Part 8: Boy meets Boy                   
Part 9: Prism Alliance                      
Part 10: Under The Covers            
Part 11: LoveBytes Reviews          


20 thoughts on “Hair of the Dog… In Living Fur and Tacos

  1. Marcine

    Thank you so much. I loved these shorts. Side note: I could only get the PDF file to work on my ipad though.

  2. Jane

    Thank you so much. This was such a nice gesture. And it was really fun to read the dog serials on the different blogs. 🙂

  3. Shelley

    awesome – thank you so much Rhys! I loved reading the little snippets of Miki, Kane and Dude.

  4. Thank you so much for putting this in one file. I loved this and how you blended Dude and Miki’s voices together. Dude is such a sassy pup and I loved how he was so protective of his human.

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