Rhys Ford’s Dirty Secret Cast of Characters…

dirty_secret_smallWhere I learn I’ve never revealed Claudia’s last name.

I actually had this all built out and had been debating including it in the book. I didn’t for several reasons. First, there was no way to reference it to someone’s name on an ebook and secondly, I think I’m so used to Asian names I forget people have issues with them. Now this was driven home to be the other month when I was reading a book set in the UK where two characters had similar names… Gareth and Gary. Confused the hell out of me. *grins*

So, I thought…yep, better include this. Hopefully, if you’ve had issues with the cast of characters, this will help. If you want to learn what Claudia’s last name is… here you go. *laughs*

Problem with writing is that you sometimes lose track of what someone’s wife’s name is. Ben’s wife has been both Candace and Sheila. It’s Sheila. It became Sheila in Dirty Kiss. Apparently I have flashes of canon fail. I admit it. My apologies. So here it is, a cast of characters.

Next book, a glossary of Korean terms. I owe a very sweet adorable First Beta reader a ton of coffee for compiling it for me.

Dirty Secret Cast of Characters

(Or in pdf: rhysford.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/dirty-secret-cast-of-characters.pdf)

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