It’s been cool these past few days and overcast but it cleared up a bit for the Potato’s Bork this morning. He’s had a very eventful few days with lots of in and out of the house as well as shuffling around after people. His Auntie Suzhang went home (she gave him way too many treats of mackeral and other noms) and while she was here, there was much toddling about.
He went out this morning with a cheerful bounce to his step and came back to dance around the Roomba as it did its duty along the living room floor.
The Potato actually didn’t bork a lot when he left the house and from the sounds of things, had a REALLY good toddle around the neighbourhood. The ramp I got him for up against the sliding glass door (which is a four and a half inch drop from the living room to the back patio) is doing its job and he’s taken to it without a blink. It’s really helped him coming up and down that drop. It’s a sharp drop and probably strained his back and hips… or so I imagine. He seems to be doing well with it.
Goji Kitten has decided Gus just doesn’t exist while Harley is still in love with him and waits for him to get treats so he’s gotta sit still for a few minutes and she can rub up against him. Which is then followed by us telling her not to bite his ass.
There is something seriously wrong with that cat.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus looked so happy today! He was rolling around in all the grass and had a huge smile on his face! There was barely anyone out so he was calm for the most part.

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Tuesday’s Borking Report with the Blond Potato!

Hello and welcome to today’s BORKING REPORT!
I am working from home today following having a procedure done yesterday that  kind of tossed me into the ring of… OH FUCKING GOD THIS SUCKS / HURTS so home working for a precaution. Sometimes, the body does odd things.
BUT this meant I could be home for the Borker to head out and man, he was so ready to go. Andi got him ready because bending over for me isn’t a thing just yet and when he came back, I was on the phone with the mechanic because the Firebird is having sympathy injuries and wants attention so his Auntie Jessica got him de-kitted and he romped about with her for a bit.
Going out for socialization and borking is doing the Potato a huge good. There’s a slower pace and he’s coming back still full of energy and just so freaking happy. Bounces in, gets undressed, cavorts, gets water, gets belly rubs from his Auntie and then crashes for his mid-morning nap. I’ll be running the Roomba in a bit and since he’s in his bed, it can toddle about without bumping into him.
It seems to hone in on his butt. No reason why. Just does.
The cats are all either sleeping or eating. Badger will probably return to his roost in a bit but Harley is on her tower. I must have picked up at least 20 cat toys. Seriously, what the hell? Goji still eats like she’s unhinging her jaw and having to swallow her prey whole. I think that’s just gonna be her thing. Badger eats the same way. They get food everywhere.
As you can see, The Potato’s got some sass on him today.
From Gus’ Auntie Jessica:
Gus did a lot of rolling around in the grass and borking today! There were a lot of people outside their houses today so we did our best to keep our distance. We kept the walk nice and slow and just to the corner. See him soon!!

Blond Potato! (Sung to the Tune of My Sharon) Today’s BORKING REPORT!

The Blond Potato has had TWO great Borking Days. It really helps starting earlier when it’s cooler and probably with less people out. Of course, he’s usually more awake at 8 am than he is at 10 am. By 10 am, he’s settled into a full nap and is off snoring.
Yesterday was a BIG day for him as well because his Auntie Suzhang has come for a week long visit AND he got a puppichino. And smuggled treats but not a lot because Potatoes do not need extra chubbage.
In place at the sliding glass door is now a 4 inch tall, short ramp for him to use to get back up into the house. That small ledge is at an awkward angle and much like an old school bus, a Potato does not bend in the middle. It’s been a tremendous help and he’s been gamboling in and out with great ease.
Also, the song My Sharona can TOTALLY be adapted for Blond Potatoes while they are rolling around on sun-warmed concrete. With a chorus of “Blond Potato….” you can make your own verses. To be fair, I also sing “They see me rollin’, they be hatin’…” at him when he cavorts about too.
The boy does love a good roll….
Look at his sassy self during his Bork. Because he got a good roll in!
From his Auntie Jessica:
It was nice and cool out today and Gus loved it! He especially loved all the damp grass to roll in! We walked to the corner again and kept it slow paced.

Wow. So much happens yet so little…

Summer is here in San Diego and well, I wasn’t ready for it. We’ve gotten the backyard kind of summer ready with an above ground pool, patio furniture, rainbow lights and as alway, there’s a little blond Potato cairn terrorist more than happy to roll around in the sun.

I’ve returned to working the day job in the building today and it’s rather surreal. I don’t think I can even type on this keyboard anymore. I’m so used to my laptop. 😀 We’re all still distancing and wearing masks when leaving our offices but the majority of us are in place for a few days a week. It’s all rather strange.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a big Marvel fan… well mostly the secondary characters like Bucky and Loki so I’m very excited about the Loki series. Watched the first one and man, I’m ready for the rest of it. CANNOT WAIT>

And I want to share this link abou the Top 10 Amazing “Secret” History notes about some famous places. These kinds of things are like a rabbit hole for me. I get started on one link and then… I’m falling in. This one is not exception:

And I also wanna leave you with three of the best Burger Masters there are… most notably…. a hack for the In-N-Out Burger, which is my fave burger of all time.

Oh yeah and some others.

I’m going to try to stop in more and chat. Just to keep things going and well, fire up my brains and the words / characters I’ve got brewing. Very exciting.

Now available in PDF and Audiobook file… Nothing Else Matters (A McGinnis/Kim Wedding Invitation)

For those who missed it… like me who’d forgotten I’d written it (it’s been a long year!)… Andi Van thankfully collected up the bits and pieces into one location. So, it is with great pleasure I present to you…
Nothing Else Matters (A McGinnis and Kim Wedding Invitation)
Not only do you get the story and a downloadable PDF, you also can hear Greg Tremblay‘s sublime narration of the story as well as download the combined audiobook file.
Hope you enjoy.

Changes in Facilities’ Management

Please be aware of the changes to the Cabin when preparing for your next visit. There is now a fairly substantial bathroom tax that must be rendered appropriately for the duration of at least one minute following passing through the threshold.

If the tax collector is accepting payments at the time of your visit, you will be notified by the continuing undulating siren followed by an aggressive weaving motion towards you. It is recommended that all sojourns to the facilities include enough time allowance for this payment.

Payment can include the retrieval of the tax collector from the floor followed by a cradling and scritching of the collector’s head. Floor-based ear scritching is accepted but the full payment is preferred. Tail base scritching is also acceptable payment but must be accompanied by chin rubs in order to fulfill financial obligations.

Payments should continue until tax collector renders a full payment has been submitted. The payee will mark the end of payment by the subtle application of the tax collector’s double punch fang marks on their hand. Please be advised, at times the collector may return for further payment after first installment has been rendered if said collector is not satisfied once departing the facility. Should this occur following the closing of the facility door, it is recommended the user remove any appendages (including feet) from the bottom of the door as further collection may occur while occupied.

By posting this notice, Cabin Management is not responsible for any injuries inflicted to user of facilities by any third-party vendor used to collect and receive appropriate payment for facility use.


We didn’t have any Borks last week as we acclimated the house to Gojira’s introduction and Gus wasn’t quite walk-ready this morning. It’s kind of warm so we’ll be moving the Borking Times up a bit to take advantage of the cooler hours. Of course he was like… I don’t wanna walk on the sidewalk, I just wanna roll around on the grass… and when he came home, he trundled around the house in his normal cool down and pretty much walked around more than he did outside.
Because he’s not stupid and he knows his Auntie Jessica will stay and scritch him for a long time when he comes back. So he gets belly rubs and scritches instead of going for exercise. It’s a fine balance of getting a walk in and manipulation for the old Potato.
Gojira kitteh made a guest appearance to sniff at Auntie Jessica before going to hunt down Brother Badger… who she’s been chasing around the house. Badger has discovered he might be getting a bit too old for prolonged shenanigans because he plays for an hour or so then goes to hunt down a sunny spot to bask and nap in. Gojira is not impressed by his stamina. Although she does take the hint and goes to find a napping spot herself.
Gus the Potato is already crashed in front of the screen door and dreaming of dinner or whatever it is Blond Potatoes dream of when they come back from Borkings.
We’ll be changing his joint supplements tonight because I don’t feel the ones he’s been getting have helped as much as the ones he used to get (and were discontinued). Still, he’s never been a run run run dog but he does get bursts of speed when he wants to. He just really would prefer to roll around in the wet grass and come home to get belly rubs. Like I said, he’s not a stupid Potato.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus is so cute in his jersey! Go Cubs! He was struggling a bit today but we still got a good walk in. I hope he gets lots of rest!

Gojira Kitteh