Back down from LA… and chilling in San Diego for a bit.

It’s been a long week and I’ll post some catchup texts but… it was a great trip. Even did a Pendle run. Which of course was awesome. The Potato didn’t go for a walk today because it’s cold and he’s a bit stiff but I brought home some guests so he’s in heaven.

Guests mean people who don’t know the food rules and can be conned into giving extra treats.

Borking Report: Oct 12

God, it’s been a bit busy here and I’ve been a shitty host by not updating. I will do better. Yet, I’ve gotten nothing done. Go figure. So… here’s a Borking Report

Today’s Borking Report!
It was in the mid-60s today when the Borker headed out. Very cold. The new hoodie is a bit big for him but the new one won’t be here until tomorrow and well, better big than cold because his joints will be stiff.
It has warmed up quite a bit and I’ve left the house open a bit. I’ve got a load of laundry in the wash and I’ll toss it over into the dryer later. I’ve still got to pack tonight for my trip up to Los Angeles this coming week and with the weather all screwy, it’s going to be an interesting pack.
It’ll be a rush of stuff to do since we’re going to be in KTown and then Long Beach and then back down to San Diego in… 10 days? 11 days? I don’t even know if we’ve got everything all planned out.
It’ll be an interesting time for the pupper because he’s not been home alone for more than a few hours and while I know he spends most of his time asleep, I do worry he might get a little bit anxious. Or, he could simply be happy no one is telling him not to fart in their direction and he can fumigate the cats as he likes.
Remind me to tell you of the time a misguided friend decided a Brussel sprout would be a good treat to give a gassy cairn. Or you can just imagine how it went.
And yes, pooping on the grass is a big deal for us. Long story. He’s also insisting on pulling his bed off of the memory foam mattress and lying half on and half off of it. He’s a weird dog.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Gus looks so cute and cozy in his hoodie! I’m sure it kept his joints warm. He did poop on the grass again today! He’s been getting better at that. See him soon!

Today’s Borking Report… Tues Oct 5

Finally after many days of not going borking due do weather and well, a socially exhausted Potato, the Gus has gone out with his Auntie Jessica today.
When she arrived, he gave her a bit of a sideeye because he was all… where have you been? But then he went out and had a good long bork, catching her up on the past two weeks. There was a LOT of borking.
He came home, had some water and then got a coconut water wipedown because he’s a bit… ripe. But that’s from the anti-itch spray used on him. He smells much better now and the sunburn he had is healing nicely.
So it was a successful bork and he’s staring out the back window. Because you know, borking is hard work.
From his Auntie Jessica:
Great to see Gus again! He was so happy to get outside. He actually did poop on the grass today instead of the sidewalk! He loved rolling around in all the wet grass.
Regards, Jessica.

Sunday Morning, Go For A Ride…

I’m not a Beatles fan. Can take or leave them but oddly enough, the lyrics stick in my head.

We have company and are going to get dim sum today. Well in a couple of hours since dim sum is a breakfast / brunch thing. It’s a cart restaurant so you’re kind of at the mercy of the Aunties pushing the dim sum around but they’re pretty good about making sure to stop and ask if you want braised chicken feet. And well, other things.

It’s gonna be stinking hot here today because of course it is. The weekdays have been great but as soon as you catch a whiff of a Saturday or Sunday, it goes up 20 degrees. Very irritating.

So we’ll see how things go today but hopefully we’ll be able to move about without too much trouble today.

I shouldn’t start my morning off with the words… Goji, don’t eat the couch but there we are. This is my life.

Floor Potato and Musings

I actually haven’t just rambled here in a long time so bear with me for a bit. This past year has been a fleeting one but heavy, burdened with a lot of things I have had to scrape off in order to move forward. Oddly enough, it’s also been a bit of a journey to find out where I am, who I am and honestly, who is with me.

The past couple of years brought a lot of sadness and stark truths to my life. I’d always been… obtusely oblivious for lack of a better word and trusted a lot of people who I called friends. That was shaken quite a bit and now, in the ruins of so much, there are still pillars I can lean on. So in a lot of ways, I guess it’s something I truly had to go through in order to discover who was with me. And that while I know I’m going to be hurt because a lot of people truly do not be careful with others’ emotions, I’m better for knowing I’ve not compromised who I am inside. And have dealt with just the crappiest things but I’ll be okay. Coming out on the other side will happen. I just have to have faith of it going forward.

Faith is a fucking hard thing to hold on to and it gets tested all the time. Seriously. It’s a bitch.

Mind you, I’m rambling here so… I’m going to be all over the place.

I’ve also just come to accept (?) the Aspergers part. Yes, I still mask. I think it’s just automatic coping mechanisms but I’m kinder to myself when I don’t or forgiving myself more for those quirks when my brain says… Nope, can’t listen to that chime on the phone anymore, it’s burrowing down into my ear drum so change it.

I used to say; just power thru it. I’m big on confronting the aversion aspects of this damned spectrum shit but sometimes, I don’t have to. I don’t have to do it all the time and I needed to remember that. I’m never going to be “normal human” and I have to accept that. There’s things people do that make absolutely no sense to me and I can’t comprehend the why of it. And that’s okay. Learning to be okay with those things you cannot change… ooof, that’s hard.

Not gonna lie. Aspergers sucks. And yeah, it’s not the worst thing. You always hear that. It could be worse. I’m like… fucking hell, it isn’t a competition of sad-sackness. Sometimes it’s just fucking tiring and I hate fighting for the normal. Because while people say they’ll make allowances for spectrum people, they kind of don’t. Not really. It’s tiring for them too. Most often there’s huge misunderstandings and we spend more time explaining and smoothing things out in our relationships than actually living our lives. But you know, you gotta keep trying.

Dogs and cats are a hell of a lot easier.

Right now, Gus (The Blond Potato) is sleeping off a long weekend of hard activity and much company. He reached saturation point on Sunday and kind of gave up socializing but rallied yesterday. But today, he’s all… let me sleep. Partied way too hard this past week so… no Borking today. It’s also going to rain. Which would be nice.

And I’m off to create words. I hope they are good ones. I also hope all of you have a great week and one filled with laughter and good food. And coffee. If that’s your thing 😀

Today’s Borking Report or… The Snorkling Potato.

He left the house today telling Jessica ALL of his woes which now are going to include a bath because he needs a good scrubbing with medicated soap so… he’ll do more borking once that’s done.
Once again, the Potato was delighted to see his Auntie Jessica and when he came back, he snorkled his way around the living room floor. He stopped long enough for me to get his muzzle off and one snap of his harness. And then he shimmied away like a snake and Jessica got the rest of his harness but the jersey stayed on until he made a full circuit of the living room carpet and Andi could snag the jersey off.
Seriously, he’s a pain in the ass but oh so happy.
We have workers at the house next door so he had a lot to bork at. He has opinions about them taking down a tree and whatever else they’re doing so early in the morning. OPINIONS!
From his Auntie Jessica:
There were a lot of workers out this morning. Gus seemed to do okay considering! He did a lot of rolling around in the grass and he looks so happy!